Posted by: StonehengeNews | February 16, 2011

TNT Travel Show – Earls Court Two, 19th March 2011

The TNT Travel Show sponsored by takes place on March 19, 2011, at the world famous Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. It’s London’s largest free travel exhibition, and it’s the best place to seek advice on travel destinations & planning, meet thousands of like-minded travellers, and land some insane deals from our world-class exhibitors.

On the showroom floor we’ve got reps from hostels and campervan rental companies in the UK and Europe, group travel organisers, overland adventure and off-the-beaten-track operators from Eastern Europe, Africa, America, South America, Asia, Australasia and everywhere else in between. With their help, and with whatever budget, visitors can plan day trips, short breaks and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to worldwide events and festivals across the globe.

What’s happening on the day

The TNT Travel Show sponsored by is FREE for visitors who pre-register via – but if you’re not quite on the ball just show up on the day for £1 entry. It’s a bargain – a teaser for some of the amazing deals you’ll encounter on the huge Earl’s Court 2 showroom floor.

Entry means you have the chance to win at the lucky dip and heaps of other exclusive competitions, quiz and listen to the experts at the travel talks, and of course take advantage of our exclusive show deals. If it all gets too tiring, you can always take time out at the travel show bar or in one of special Chill Out or Cool Down areas – specially designed to give you time and space to plan your next trip in good company. There’s free internet too, so come equipped and keep in touch – the travel buzz moves fast and you’ll want to keep ahead of the curve.

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