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Oktoberfest Tour 2011 – Closing Weekend Camping – Campingplatz Munich

 Oktoberfest 2011Oktoberfests closing weekend is considered by many to be the best weekend of the whole festival, and with very good reason. For the locals the end of the festival signals the coming winter and every year the Bavarians are determined to see out the summer with one more massive party! So if youre still deciding over which weekend to come and wondering if the closing weekend is what youre after, rest assured you will love it!

Oktoberfest Closing Weekend

The Closing Weekend is truly where its at. Not only are the beer halls in full swing from the minute you rock up on your arrival day, but the whole festival is totally buzzing as the countdown to the final night draws near. It is also the weekend with by far the least tourists and undoubtedly the most locals… that pretty much says it all!

Sunday night tops off Oktoberfest in style with an atmosphere that is easily the best of the whole festival, including all the beerhall staff and waitresses letting their hair down and getting stuck in the fun. Not to be missed!

Single Travellers & Groups

Our tours are the ideal way to get stuck into Oktoberfest and everything that goes along with it.

We make it an absolute priority to ensure everyone on our tour is part of the group. So whether youre coming on your own or with a big bunch of friends, youll instantly be mixing it up with an awesome bunch of fellow travellers all ready to share this experience of a lifetime together.

If you must, leave the friends at home… just be sure to join us as we do Oktoberfest in a massive way!

Tour Highlights:

* Three days & nights at Oktoberfest
* Easy transport to the Beerhalls
* Authentic Bavarian beers & local cuisine
* Fairground rides & roller-coasters
* Optional Dachau day trip
* Awesome campsite atmosphere with bar & kiosk

Suitable For

Everyone welcome

What’s included?

* Three nights camping in Fanatics pre-erected tents
* Easy transfers to the beerhalls
* Funky Fanatics Oktoberfest t-shirt
* Oktoberfest Beerhalls
* Breakfast each morning at the campsite

Book with ‘The Backpacker Tour Company here

The Backpacker Tour Compny

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