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Backpacking in London – Travel Tips.

London is one of the world’s most recognisable cities due to its flourishing culture and its place in world history. Used by many backpackers as a gateway to European countries, London is home to many fine museums, breathtaking architecture, and absorbing culture. Despite its association with high culture and elegance, London is also the center of a thriving nightlife, with clubs, discos, and pubs open until the wee hours of the morning. Both a lively party scene and a sedate culture, London is an exciting mixture of the old and the new.

Getting Around

London offers several modes of transport, including public buses, the tube, and rail trains. Double-deckers can be considered a London attraction in its own right, and they give a great tour of the city. The tube, the world’s largest public transport, is popular with locals and has 12 lines spread throughout the city. The suburban trains cover the remaining areas not used by the underground.

Things to See
With many things being expensive in London, there are still parks and attractions that are free to the backpacker. Head off to Hyde Park for some relaxation and go for a ride in the Serpentine Lake. Covent Garden and Portobello Market are two of London’s most well-known places to buy knickknacks and other touristy items such as clothes and jewelery. For historical places, visit the British Museum and the Westminster Abbey; watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Many old churches in the city offer free entrance as well.

Where to Stay
London has many hostels, and if you feel overwhelmed, start first with Hostelling International, which offers a list of member hostels located in the city.

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