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Hostels are one of the cheapest ways to stay in Britain

Hostels are one of the cheapest ways to stay in Britain. If you prefer budget accommodation & value over luxury but still want good quality accommodation, look no further than a hostel.

Low-cost, traveller-friendly accommodation

London HostelHostels are low-cost, traveller-friendly accommodation. They generally provide private and shared rooms for individuals, couples or groups. Most hostels are self-catering, although some provide hot meals and refreshments.

How much does it cost to stay in a hostel?

Prices vary depending on location, length of stay and time of year, but here are some examples:

* YHA Hostel (Central London): Adults from £12, Under 18’s from £9
* YHA Hostel (Windermere, Lake District): Adults from £13.95, Under 18’s from £10.50
* SYHA Hostel (Edinburgh Central): Beds from £15, Family room from £67
* SYHA Hostel (Glen Nevis): Adults from £12, Juniors from £5
* St Christopher’s Inn (London): From £9.50
* St Christopher’s Inn (Bath): From £5

For more information on hostel prices, please contact the hostel directly before booking.
Note: Prices correct at time of publication.

What facilities does a hostel provide?

Facilities vary from hostel to hostel – most will have a common room, a café/restaurant or self-catering kitchen so you can make your own meals, and lockers. But in some hostels (usually in bigger towns and cities) you’ll find internet access, bars, games rooms, libraries, satellite TV and laundry service. If you want to know more about the facilities on offer, contact the individual hostel before you book.

Who can stay in a hostel?

Hostels are only suitable for young travellers and backpackers, right? Wrong. Many hostels in Britain also offer accommodation for families, groups, people with disabilities and travellers of any age.

Where can I find a hostel?

You’ll find hostels in most cities and towns in Britain, and if you’re planning to see Britain’s beautiful countryside, look out for rural hostels. Britain’s main hostel providers include YHA (Youth Hostel Association), SYHA (Scottish Youth Hostels) and St Christopher’s Inn, but there are also lots of great independent hostels around.

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Link source:

The Backpacker Tour Company –
Budget Adventure Tours of the U.K and Europe

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