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St. Patricks Day. Celebrating all things Irish

In 2012, the St Patrick’s Day Festival (March 16-20) in Dublin is celebrated in style, with music, street theatre, family carnivals and up to 4000 performers joining the fun. The theme for this year’s quizzical parade is ‘How? What? Why?’, exploring the wonder and curiosity of science (we’re intrigued already!).

3-Irish-Music-NightsLimerick’s hot on Dublin’s heels with a, ahem, spring in its step with SpringFest, while over in Galway, things really hot up with performers taking part in the city’s fabulous leg-stretching wonder – the walking parade. In Northern Ireland, Armagh and Downpatrick pay tribute to St Patrick with the largest celebrations of the patron saint, plus those looking to embrace the countryside can also take part in the annual St Patrick’s Day walk around the part of County Down known as St. Patrick’s Country. Cork goes wild with excitement, with a fiesta of colours and flights of fancy; while Belfast becomes a captivating carnival city for the duration.

Celebrations big and small happen all over Ireland, turning the island into one, big, awesome, party, so no matter where your St Patrick’s Day takes you you’ll be treated to a delightful dose of Irish tradition and festive spirit. All in green of course.

St Patricks Day

St Patrick was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things in Ireland

The Story of Saint Patrick

  • Born in Wales to wealthy parents at the end of the 4th Century, at the tender age of 16, young Patrick was taken prisoner by a group of Irish raiders and whisked across the Irish Sea, where he spent the next six years in captivity working as a lonely shepherd. His religion was his solace, and so he became a devout Christian.

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